Kim Ramos

writer, grad student

Kimberly Ramos is a Filipina writer from Missouri,
though they currently reside in Providence, Rhode Island.
They are the author of two chapbooks: The Beginner's Guide to Minor Gods and Other Small Spirits (Unsolicited Press, 2023), and Alive, Today, Again!, which was named first runner-up of the 2022 Flume Press Chapbook Contest.They are a PhD student of philosophy at Brown University, where they study sexual
ethics and consent.
They dream of becoming a giant rabbit and haunting the Midwest. Until then, they enjoy thrifting, board games, and dinner parties.

FEATURED IN"A Reading List of Love Poems," Community of Literary Magazines and Presses

CHAPBOOKSThe Beginner's Guide to Minor Gods and Other Small Spirits, Unsolicited Press (2023)Alive, Today, Again!, Flume Press (2023)

SELECTED POEMS"Lolo, I Made It Into the Ivy-Crested Room But the Walls Are Slowly Digesting Me," Honey Literary"The Girls of the Midwest," Beaver Magazine"Three Poems," Green Hills Literary Lantern"I Want to Take You Home (That's Dying, Baby)," Alan Squire Publishing"Alive, Today, Again!," Phantom Kangaroo“American Success Story,” Lantern Review"cut in the earth," Southern Humanities Review

SELECTED PROSE"Two Essays," Quarterly West"Why the Ocean Is Salty," Peatsmoke Journal - Pushcart Nomination"ASIAN DAD," Worcester Review - Pushcart Nomination"Fable Containing the Warmth of a Hand," Watershed Review

SELECTED NONFICTION/ESSAYS"Pagkain," The Ilanot Review"Doewoman Triptych," The Nashville Review (tw: gore, referenced sexual assault, violence)

AWARDS2023 Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest (Winner)2022 Flume Press Chapbook Contest (First-Runner Up)2022 Quarterly West Prose Contest (Finalist)

FORTHCOMING"Day in the Life of the Manananggal," Black Warrior Review"A Tango with the Tikbalang," Northwest Review"Tangal" and "Sonnet in Which I Am a Girl," Gigantic Sequins